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Zwnet_add request / response


hello I am opening a modal window for zwnet_add request. I can track which request parameters a new node has been added to or removed from. Devices had to be inserted or removed.

zwnet_get_operations zwnet_provisioning_list_inif_get zwnet_get_node_list

I want the window to close when the process is completed, but I can not find the developer SDK to catch up with.


the ‘zwnet_notify_fn’ parameter to ‘zwnet_add’ will be called with progress information. Please see the documentation for the table for ‘zwnet_notify_fn’ parameters particularly ‘sts’=OP_DONE.


I can not see the action yours talking about, documents may be different.
Could it be op_sts = “” inside the /zwnet_get_operation function ?

**Reference: Z-Ware Web Developer Guide for SDK 1.11 **
5.10 Get current network operation


sorry my mistake. i got confused with an internal API.
But you are totally correct - status is repeatedly checked using zwnet_get_operation.


Thank you very much. I was complete last night. Maintenance Interface.