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Zwave Serial API controller firmware needed



I am attempting to set up a static controller using ZM5304 modules from Sigma Designs for the purpose of a University research project

I intend to create a simple 3 node network & hence acquired 2 ZM5304 modules along with a UZB believing however that the modules had controller serial API firmware installed

The modules do not however have any controller firmware loaded on and hence the modules are not functional at the moment. It is out the scope of the project to acquire the development kit for a short period

Is there perhaps some way to temporarily acquire controller firmware image for the duration of the project

Any help will be greatly appreciatedd



Hi Jason,

Unfortunately the ZM5304 hex files have not been publicly released.

The only preprogrammed modules available are as you are aware the UZBs.

Note, that while the US version of ZM5304 is preprogrammed, this is strictly for regulatory purposes, and we do not specify which firmware image it is programmed with.

Best regards,