ZM5202 boards and Z/IP


Is there a possibility to use Z/IP Gateway server with Raspberry and boards based on ZM5202 chip, particularly this one?

I have tried using Z/IP Gateway server with Razberry boards versions one and two, which are both based on the same ZM5202 chip, and failed both times - after starting the zipgateway with ‘sudo /etc/init.d/zipgateway start’, the output of ‘avahi-browse _z-wave._udp -r’ is nothing. These are the contents of zipgateway.log connected to the issue:

97725148 Opening config file /usr/local/etc/zipgateway.cfg
Starting Contiki
Opening eeprom file /usr/local/var/lib/zipgateway/eeprom.dat
Lan device tap0
LAN HW addr C2:21:DF:A1:14:BB
97725150 Starting zipgateway ver2_61 build ver2_61
97725150 Resetting ZIP Gateway
97725150 Using serial port /dev/ttyACM0
Error opening serial port /dev/ttyACM0 - No such file or directory(2).

So question is - is it possible to use Z/IP Gateway server with boards base on the ZM5202 chip?
Also, the failure is the result of hardware or software problem?
If its software problem, is there any way to reconfigure Z/IP server to fix this?



Yes, it is possible to use the ZM5202 module. But it must be programmed with a specific software, which I am not sure is used on the Razberry boards. So the best option is the use the USB dongle from Sigma Designs:

The software for the ZM5202 is available with the Z-Wave DevKit:

In the error log it seems the problem is the ttyACM0 interface. When you connect a serial device to the RaspberryPi (USB or UART), it will be shown as a ttyACM device. The Sigma USB dongle is normally presented as ttyACM0, so the Zipgateway will as default try and connect to ttyACM0. But the Razberry board may be presented as an other interface. In this case you need to know the interface name, and change this in the zipgateway.cfg file.

I hope this helps.