ZipGateway in Raspbian Stretch



Now we are working on the new Rasbian Stretch distribution, unfortunately we realized that ZipGateway is compiled in Jessie. So in Stretch this compiled software doesn’t works.

Could you advice us how we can can compile it, or get this software compiled for Stretch.

By the way we want to share with the community our effort to debianized this software.

Thank You.


Andres Calderon


Dear Andres,

Unfortunately the ZipGateway provided here on Public Z-Wave only supports RaspberryPi Jessie. You can download Jessie here:

When buying a DevKit you will get access to the sourcecode and can compile for Stretch yourself.

Cool platform the Matrix. Are you part of the team making the Matrix platform, or “only” working with it?



Hi Carsten,

Could you direct me where I can find this source code and maybe some instructions. I walked through and didn’t found it.



Hi Carsten,

I’m member of the MATRIX Creator hardware development team.

We can share publicly a custom compilation?


Andrés Calderón


Hi Konstantin,

You need to have a controller DevKit to get access to the source code. If you can’t find it, it may be because you only have the Embedded DevKit for End Devices. You can find more information here:

Hi Andres,

If you have a Z-Wave DevKit then you have also signed a DevKit agreement with Sigma Designs. You should look in the agreement to see what you can share.



Hello Andres,

If you need to manually compile on Rasbian Stretch.
Please see

– Frank