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Zip gateway multichannel



I have a multi-channel device (Fibaro double-switch 2) which exposes two channels. I have a couple of issues with it. The first one is that the zip gateway exposes only one channel (the first one) with mdns. That is, even with avahi-browse I can see only two entries exposed, one for the root device (endpoint 0), one for channel 1 (enpoint 1). The channel 2 is not available.

I guess I might have a workaround by simply ignoring mdns records with an endpoint different than zero and use the multichannel command class to learn about the channels (unless the zip gateway prevents using that method), but anyway, this looks like a zip gateway issue. I thought I should signal it.

The second issue is that even for the first channel which is exposed, if I try to send a command by setting the end point in the zip packet, it does not work. It appears that the zip gateway does not send the command properly to the channel.

One workaround would be to pack myself the commands into a multi channel encapsulation command instead of using the zip packet end point to address the channel, but again, I don’t know yet if the zip gateway wouldn’t prevent this.

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I would really appreciate if somebody knowledgeable about the zip gateway internals would comment on this.

Are those issues in the zip gateway, or am I doing something wrong?
If yes, are they going to be fixed?
Should I go for the workarounds?

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