Z-wave packet framing using the Serial API


I’m glad to see that you have released some documentation publicly, but it seems a little lacking for what is needed to write a program to use the serial api mode of USB sticks such as Aeotec’s ZW090 z-stick (e.g. primary Z-Wave controllers that show up as virtual COM ports).

Are there any plans to release more technical documents (such as how to frame a z-wave packet, etc…)?

If not, what is the cheapest kit option that would include all technical documentation for the serial API? I am only interested in writing software and not becoming a hardware partner. I would like to fully implement z-wave plus and handle secure packets.

Feel free to PM me pricing information on the cheapest available. If all that is needed is for me to sign an NDA, I am fine with that.




Currently there are no plans to provide the specifications below the Z/IP interface.

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