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Z-Wave Alliance Membership


Quick question about memberships to the Z-Wave Alliance. I was advised to drop a note here in the hope it would get to the right person.

Is it possible to join the Alliance as a Affliate Member - But as a indvidual? Will there be any additional NDA restrictions etc placed on us?

background: I’m lead maintainer for OpenZWave - a OpenSource library that talks SerialAPI to the USB sticks and provides a object orientated interface to applications to utilize. The OZW library is used in tons of Open Source Home Automation Applications, and fairly active development project. Now that the specs have opened up, I’d love to be able to join the alliance, and try to take OZW to the next level.


I’m also interesed in this! Coming from the openHAB front.


Great question! The short answer is YES, an individual is welcomed to join the Z-Wave Alliance. We do have three membership categories, thus selecting the appropriate one is important:

If the individual (or any company) plans on commercializing a product, they must join as a full member and certify said product(s).

If the individual wants to join for any other reason besides commercializing a product, they need to join as an affiliate member.

If the individual is actively installing products and systems in end-user facilities, they join as an integrator member.

Here’s the link to membership.

Let me know if you have any further questions, or if you have a specific/unique situation. Feel free to reach out to me to discuss.


I just applied!


Hi Fishwaldo,

did you choose “affiliate membership” or “integrator membership”? And how about the annual fee for that, will it be paid by your community? Background of my question is that I am also involved in the development of the zwave part of an open source automation system (Fhem).


I did Affiliate membership. Paid for by myself. We might make a fund raising drive for full membership later.