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Z-Ware Portal not working


Hello all,

I installed Z/IP - Gateway locally and it is working I think. I have to stop it on boot and start it manually to get it to work, but I will consider this later.

I cannot get my portal to work.

I get the following output starting the zipgateway: https://pastebin.com/YTVGJvgm

My config file for zipgateway:

ZipUnsolicitedDestinationIp6 = fd00:aaaa::1234
ZipUnsolicitedDestinationPort = 41230
#ZipUnsolicitedDestination2Ip6 = fd00:aaaa::1234
#ZipUnsolicitedDestination2Port = 41231
#SerialLog = /tmp/ziprouter.serlog
ZipLanGw6 = fd00:aaaa::1234
#ZipTunPrefix = 2000::
#ZipTunIp6PrefixLength = 128 
ExtraClasses= 0x8F 0x85 0x59 0x5A 0xF100 0x43 0x75 0x20 0x30 0x31 0x5E 0x70 0x71 0x72 0x73 0x75 0x80 0x84 0x86

I added localhost to be the zipportal to connect to. But zipportal does not show anything, no devices, no network id.

The reference_client shows my included devices.
> daniel@dannyLaptop:~/zwave/libzwaveip/build$ ./client.sh
> PSK not configured - using default
> (ZIP) list
> List of discovered Z/IP services:
> — zwD653DFB501.local: “Static Controller [d653dfb50100]”
> — zwD653DFB52B.local: “Switch Binary [d653dfb52b00]”
> — zwD653DFB52D.local: “Sensor Notification [d653dfb52d00]”
> (ZIP)

What am I doing wrong?

Kind regards and many thanks for your help.


Additionally a screenshot for the connection attempt to the Z/IP Gateway

and log output:
> daniel@dannyLaptop:~/deploy/zwarelocal/install/zwportald/var/log$ tail -f zwportald.log | grep error
> [error] [2406:2481] zwp_inet.c:167 zwp_inet_pton(): Invalid IP address: fd00:bbbb::1
> [error] [2406:2481] zwp_inet.c:167 zwp_inet_pton(): Invalid IP address: fd00:aaaa::1234
> [error] [2406:9958] zwp_network.c:1675 zwp_net_operation_status_handler(): Network operation ‘Initialize’ failed
> [error] [2406:9958] zwp_network.c:1758 zwp_net_operation_status_handler(): Failed to initialize network: Failed
> [error] [2406:9957] zwp_network.c:2276 zwp_net_initialize(): Failed to initialize network
> [error] [2406:2481] zwp_net_discovery.c:244 zwp_net_discovery_get_list(): discovery get list is ZERO
> [error] [2406:2481] zwp_net_discovery.c:244 zwp_net_discovery_get_list(): discovery get list is ZERO
> [error] [2406:2479] zwp_net_discovery.c:244 zwp_net_discovery_get_list(): discovery get list is ZERO
> [error] [2406:2479] zwp_net_discovery.c:244 zwp_net_discovery_get_list(): discovery get list is ZERO
> [debug] [2406:9957] zwp_network.c:2560 zwp_net_start_handler(): zwp_net_start_handler thread exiting with error


Hello Daniel,

  • If ZWarelocal failed to initialize and establish connection with Zipgateway:
    • Step 1: Use a browser and go to Z-Ware Setting https://192.168.xx.xx/ui/eng/settings.shtml
    • Step 2: Click Refresh button and wait till “Discovering Z/IP gateways…” progress bar completion.
    • Step 3: Select and fill up these parameters. Check your ‘’/usr/local/etc/zipgateway.cfg’’ for these values.
      • “Configure Z/IP Gateway Name/Address”
      • “Configure Port for Unsolicited Reports”
      • “Enter Pre-Shared Key”
    • Step 4: Click the Initialize button and wait for completion.
    • Step 5: You should see the final status for
      • Current Z/IP Gateway Name/Address:
      • Current Port for Unsolicited Reports:
    • Step 6: zwarelocal should now remember the zipgateway address and port. You may check “/home/pi/zwarelocal/install/zwportald/var/networks/zip_server.txt”.
pi@raspberrypi:~ $ grep ZipLanIp6 /usr/local/etc/zipgateway.cfg
ZipLanIp6 = fd00:962f:9fe6:d0e9::3

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ grep ZipUnsolicitedDestinationPort /usr/local/etc/zipgateway.cfg
ZipUnsolicitedDestinationPort = 41230

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ grep ZipPSK /usr/local/etc/zipgateway.cfg
Current Z/IP Gateway Name/Address : fd00:962f:9fe6:d0e9::3
Current Port for Unsolicited Reports : 41230
pi@raspberrypi:~ $ cat /home/pi/zwarelocal/install/zwportald/var/networks/zip_server.txt 
  • Note: If you are setting up zipgateway and zwarelocal to run as service from “/etc/init.d”:
    • Beware that zipgateway will take sometime to establish PAN, LAN and route network.
    • zwarelocal will fail to establish connection with zipgateway if zipgateway PAN, LAN and route are not ready.

– Frank