Z-Wave the public standard

Z/IP cannot start TAP0


After compiling, we get
br-lan does not exist!

and tap0 gets the IPv4ALL fake address.

Can somebody help?


It seems that th brctl does not find the br-lan.
If a create manually the interface everything looks fine:

brctl addbr br-lan
brctl addif br-lan eth0
/etc/init.d/zipgateway start

When trying to control a WallPlug from libzwaveip:

(ZIP) send "Switch Binary [d39ee5e10100]" COMMAND_CLASS_SWITCH_BINARY SWITCH_BINARY_SET 00
On the Z/IP:

1289828 Sending 1->1, class: 0x22, cmd: 0x1
1289828 Scheme 4 NOT supported by destination 1 
1289828 Sending with scheme 4
1292329 DTLS: Session timeout

and nothing happens.

We tryed from scrach by removing the node and adding it again:
924966 Sending network management reply
1930511 nm_fsm_post_event event: NM_EV_FRAME_RECEIVED state: NM_IDLE
1930512 NetworkManagementCommandHandler 34 1
1930515 nm_fsm_post_event event: NM_EV_NODE_ADD_S2 state: NM_IDLE
1930521 nm_fsm_post_event event: NM_EV_ADD_LEARN_READY state: NM_WAITING_FOR_ADD
1933825 nm_fsm_post_event event: NM_EV_ADD_NODE_FOUND state: NM_WAITING_FOR_ADD
1933826 nm_fsm_post_event event: NM_EV_ADD_SLAVE state: NM_NODE_FOUND
1933827 nm_fsm_post_event event: NM_EV_ADD_PROTOCOL_DONE state: NM_WIAT_FOR_PROTOCOL
1933895 nm_fsm_post_event event: NM_EV_ADD_NODE_STATUS_DONE state: NM_WIAT_FOR_PROTOCOL
1933934  nodeid=9 1
1933934 ApplicationControllerUpdate: status=0x40 node=9 NIF len=0
1933934 nm_fsm_post_event event: NM_EV_SECURITY_DONE state: NM_WAIT_FOR_SECURE_ADD
1933934 Attempt to set flag of non existing node = 9
1933935 All nodes have been probed
1933935 update flag 2 131
1948045 ApplicationControllerUpdate: status=0x84 node=9 NIF len=17
1948045 nm_fsm_post_event event: NM_EV_NODE_INFO state: NM_WAIT_FOR_PROBE_AFTER_ADD
1949940 Sending keep alive ACK to port:20663 of IP:::ffff:c0a8:72
1975015 Sending keep alive ACK to port:20663 of IP:::ffff:c0a8:72
1993826 nm_fsm_post_event event: NM_EV_TIMEOUT state: NM_WAIT_FOR_PROBE_AFTER_ADD



Are you using the RaspberryPi SD Card image from this site (http://zwavepublic.com/developer), or did you compile your own Zipgateway? The SD Card image must work out of the box, as all dependencies and configurations are done. If you are compiling your own Zipgateway, then I assume you have a DevKit from Sigma Designs. In this case you should use the Sigma Designs support system.

But please provide more information about the software and hardware you are using.




Now it works. We compiled the source code.
The problem is with the init script of Z/IP GW.
p.s.The Sigma Designs support is 1/10th of the support the OZW community could offer, unfortunately.