Z-Wave the public standard

Where do I find an "In bed sensor"


While scanning through the notification command class a while ago I noticed an interesting report:
The Home Health Notification Type reports in and out of bed.
For us this is very much needed.
Since someone has thought about this and put work in it to add it to the standard, I have waited for a product showing up on the market utilizing this report.
As I have not seen this product yet I would be very happy if someone could direct me to the product or product to be.


Dear Martin,

I am not aware of such a product. But all Z-Wave products available in the marked is listed here: https://products.z-wavealliance.org.

I hope this helps,



I’ve been working on a bed sensor for a client but the funding dried up before finishing it.
The product has completed the research phase and is now ready for final development.
This sensor has the unique ability to be placed between the mattress and box springs or frame making it much more reliable and comfortable than units that are placed under the sheet.

If you have some funding or can commit to even a moderate number of units I believe the product could be brought to market in several months.


Thank you Carsten!
The product catalogue is the one I’ve scanned.
Searching for a probably halted project.
Seems drzwave is the one!

// Martin


Thank you for answering Eric!
I’ll share this information and found your email at your blog.