What does this message "Warning: received non client hello msg" mean?


Sometimes when I start zipgw & zware lib, I can see the below message.

[zip_dtls.c:1125][dtls_new_conn_hdlr] Warning: received non client hello msg:
[zip_dtls.c:1126][dtls_new_conn_hdlr] 15 FE FF 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 37 00 30 73 07 59 A2 87 76 DE
[zip_dtls.c:1126][dtls_new_conn_hdlr] 70 5E 41 F1 78 36 9C CE E2 D4 1A D2 48 54 52 FF 64 F0 3F 0B
[zip_dtls.c:1126][dtls_new_conn_hdlr] 38 6E 7C 51 E3 D6 60 E9 E6 3F 55 2A 35 3B 6F 55 4D 2F 9E F9
[zip_dtls.c:1126][dtls_new_conn_hdlr] 49

and when it occurs, even if the device sends notification report, zware lib only receive upon message, and it cannot receive notification report.

Why is this message coming out? And how can I fix it?


The message seems to indicate a failure in the DTLS handshake between Z-Ware and zipgateway. If this is only happening sometimes, I would start looking at network connectivity issues that might be causing you trouble. If both applications are running locally, your network configuration, or bridge setup, might be dropping or missing frames.


Dear hanskroner,
My both applications are running locally, but this issue only happening sometimes.
I tried to find a reproduction path, but actually I cannot find it yet.