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Websocket vs. HTTP Request


Hello dear zware family, I have been interested in this technology for about 2 months. I am writing an Interface Management Portal for our company. Z-Ware Web Developer Guide for SDK 1.11, proceeded according to this documentation. But I want to write a more acceptable and real-time application that uses a technology like WebSocket. Does the Zware API support this? Where should I start, what key words should I focus on. I could not find a valid source for the subject.



Hi Umutyerebakmaz,

I am no expert but my understanding is that Zware does not support real time event reporting. However they do provide the source code for the zware middle ware that can by modified to support this. We are currently working on an interface that hooks into the HCAPI layer but you can hook in a little higher than this to retain the zware api data structures. Checkout “\zwportal\src\zwave\zwportald\src\messages\interfaces” c classes. Each has a handle method that is called for zwave device reports.

Also note that old devices are still polled by the middle ware and will never return real time reports. I believe the polling is configurable however but have had no experience with changing it.

Hope this helps



Thank you for the information you provided. I got a good tip. Have a nice day.



Hi Umutyerebakmaz,

The Z-Ware solution consist of 3 layers:

  • Zipgateway (UDP interface)
  • Z-Ware Library (C API, C functions as interface)
  • Z-Ware Portal (HTTP Post interface)

Both the Zipgateway and Z-Ware provides call-back functions to give you status information without the need for polling. The Z-Ware Portal does not offer call-back functions do to the HTTP interface. Instead your application will need to poll the Z-Ware Portal to keep the UI updated. This is however an IP polling, which does not create traffic in the lower layers.

Please note that documentation and source code is now available on Silabs.com: https://www.silabs.com/products/development-tools/software/z-wave/controller-sdk

I hope this helps to clarify,



Hi Carsten,

Can you explain more when you said polling Z-Ware Portal is IP polling? Does it mean it does not actually poll the device? If that’s the case, does the device constantly report its status back to Z/IP?