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Version 1 of S2 documentation available?



in this Sigma whitepaper from August last year, the version 1 of the SDS11274 is referenced

[S2] - Sigma Designs, SDS11274, Security 2 Command Class, version 1

In the download section there is still only a version 0.9 present. (SDS11274-15 - Security 2 Command Class version 0_9.pdf)

Is there an update available? Is the 0.9 content/specification identical to what is released as version 1?

From last month (April) on, all new certified devices need to comply with S2, so I expect that a final version of the document must exist.
Would be good if someone can share some information here about the current version.



Now that the Security 2 Command Class has been released, it has been rolled into the Command Class Spec. and is no longer a separate .pdf.

The Security 2 Command Class is considered as a Command Class related to “Transport Encapsulation”, so it belongs in SDS13783-1 Z-Wave Transport-Encapsulation Command Class Specification. The “Downloads” section doesn’t seem to have been updated to reflect these changes, but the “Specification” section does have the document available. In the version of the document available at the time I’m writing this, the S2 Command Class is at chapter 3.6



Thanks a lot!

I was re-checking the download section more or less regularly for updates, but I did not looked into the specification sections.:disappointed:

Ok, so then I have something to read (and to understand…)