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UZB Static versus Bridge


Hi, can someone explain the difference between ACC-UZB3--STA and ACC-UZB3--BRG. From the description, I see that the difference is static and bridge. Does that mean that bridge model will act as a repeater for all traffic and the static model will not? Thanks.



The bridge controller allows the creation of virtual nodes. It is identical with the static controller in any other aspect.

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Do you know any stick/dongle that implements Bridge Role?

All Z-Wave certified dongles I have seen are Static Controllers like Aeon Z-Stick Gen5…

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what is technical difference between UZB static and bridge controller ?
Is any opensource interface available for testing UZB bridge controller like (openzwave control panel)…?

Please tell me any solution , i’m struck with UZB bridge controller…?




as far as I know, the firmware has some extended functionalities for IP capabilites and some forwarding functions (bridging…).

So far the only HW I found that is supporting the bridge mode is the ACC-UZB3-E-BRG from Sigma itself. It is available at digikey, I am currently trying to get one from digikey.de (I live in Germany), but they are out of stock at the moment… :disappointed:



If the bridge controller is a superset of the static controller then why have both?