UZB "not working"


Hello everyone!

After needing to reflash the SD card with the raspbian image provided in the developer’s page, I am desperately trying to follow the “Instant success” guide, but I don’t seem to succeed in adding my devices (a single plug-in switch and a dimmer). I have previously done this some months ago, but the difference I see is that when performing the z_wave discovery with the avahi-browse tool, I only see the IPv4 address of the gateway and NOT the IPv6 address as I did before.

Can this be a reason of failure? I mean, every time I try to add the devices with “addnode” in the Z/IP reference client, I get this “NODE_ADD_STATUS_FAILED” error.

Any help is truly appreciated.

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zipgateway’s IPv6 address should always be available, at least via the tapX interface that is setup when zipgateway comes up. Try pinging the address you entered for zipgateway in your zipgateway.conf file, it should work as long as zipgateway is running.

The “Adding Node” issue might be simpler to fix. Have the devices you’re trying to include been excluded from the previous network they were a part of? Try using removenode in the reference client to exclude them, then try including them using addnode.