Z-Wave the public standard

User of ZWare service with several gateway


Dear all,

On the public Silabs ZWare portal service (z-ware.silabs.com) platform as well as on the default configuration of the installation of the ZWare (Silabs registered dev) portal service on a local server, registered user can only be associated to a single ZIProuter (gateway)

Registration of a second gateway ID to the same user is not permitted thru the Web Interface registration (either in the user new registration Interface as well as in the admin Web Interface)

Nevertheless, when looking into some sample scripts available in the openldap service scripts’ folder one may associates a user to several gateways (either with full or restricted access)
The ‘ldap-sample-test.sh’ script illustrates how john.smith is registered with two zipgw

However, when logging in a user, with several registered gateways, there seems no support for such configuration
Is this supported by the actual implementation of the ZWare Portal service ? How?
Or does this requires to extend this software ?



NB While using the ZWare local service, the user can switch the connected ZIProuter (in the eng GUI) whereas, the ZWare portal service seems to lock him to a single ZIProuter (eng GUI does not permit any zipgw connection changes)