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USB controller for Raspberry



I’ve got the Raspberry PI 3 and ZIP binaries. I also have a Z-WAVE ZME_UZB1 Me USB stick.
Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work with the provided binaries, I get errors in the log file:

SerialAPI: Z-Wave library version : 4.05
SerialAPI: Z-Wave library type : Static controller
SerialAPI: Z-Wave dongle MUST be a Bridge library
376627 Error opening serial API
376627 Fatal error

Apparently I need an USB stick which is a bridge.

Could somebody please point to some available sticks that work? The couple that I’ve seen listed in this forum are not available.

Thank you,

Bridge Controller UZB

Hi Adrian,

There are brige controllers available from Digikey.
While the UZB2 is listed as discontinued, it is available and functionally identical to the unavailable UZB3.

Alternatively check with Z-wave.me if their controller can be updated wtih an bridgecontroller image.

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Hello! I have the same issue. How did you solve your problem?


I’ve got a ‘bridge’ one.