Z-Wave the public standard

Unable to firmware update UZB to make a sniffer


Goal: I need to update the Z Wave Sniffer firmware (sniffer_ZW050x_USBVCP.hex) on Z Stick (Z Wave Controller) for which I’ve downloaded the Z wave PC Controller and Z wave Programmer softwares.

Listed are the questions regarding the same:
• In the PC controller software, as seen in image 1, Nodeinfo and Get Version tiles are inactive(grey). Get Version is required to be able to use the firmware update feature in the software. The Get tile in firmware update section remains inactive until I get the current manufacturing and firmware information. So how do we go about activating the get version tile in the image 1.
• I’ve tried using Z Wave Programmer for updating the firmware. But after selecting Program and verify, the Z Stick (Controller USB) disconnects and the update isn’t successful.