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Two zipgateways with same ZipLanIp6 address - causing conflict


we setup a raspberry pi (running Raspbian) with UZB stick - and installed zipgateway and zware services. Everything works well as it should. Once we were happy with the setup and configurations we cloned the SD card and installed that into another Raspberry Pi with z-stick. Once the 2nd pi booted up we started noticing the first Pi having issues - device updates not showing in the Zware portal. When we checked the zware portal in the 2nd Pi - we were surprised to see that the devices added in the first Pi were now showing in the 2nd one. It is then that we noticed that the homeID was also the same. We understand that you can add a controller as slave to another controller and then the homeID in the 2 controllers become the same. However we never specifically triggered this action - it happened on its own. After multiple tests and some investigations we see that this happens when the ZipLanIp6 is the same in 2 controllers that are placed close to each other - and the case of one controller becoming part of the other controller happens usually after a reboot. The reboot seems to be the trigger.
I’d like to know if this is a known ‘issue’? Once we manually changed the ZipLanIp6 on one of the controllers to make it unique - all the issues went away. Now the ZipLanIp6 is the same because we are cloning the SD card. If we are to mass produce our gateway (we are using a simple setup with SD Cards) - how do we go about cloning the SD card and also ensuring the ZipLanIp6 is unique - without having to manually change it later on? I am hoping there is some configuration option during the zipgateway installation that allow the discovery/assignment of ZipLanIp6 at bootup rather than hard coding it during installation?


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Dear Preems

Thanks for sharing this behaviour with us
I also would like to know more on this topic of same Home ID value on several gateways

On my side I m looking for this situation but explicitely defined. Either thru config file, either thru software code or from a controller command when joining a new gateway to it

Purpose is to enable a kind of ´roaming’ accross gateway for devices as you experienced on your lab

But in my setup i d like to keep the gateway having different Ziplanip6

thanks Carmelo

nb: Ben told us on the forum, that a gateway can be defined same homeID by joining an existing controller/gateway in join mode
However, situations I look for is when there is no zwave signal reaching the area this new gateway is installed