Throughput on mix network with Zwave and Zwave +



I saw in official documentation, we can mix zwave+ and zwave. But what’s append on thoughput ?

In some documentation we see the zwave+ have 250%more of thoughput than the zwave like (in this article :

So I can resume like this :

  • zwave : 40kbit (or old chip 9,6 kbit)
  • zwave+ : 100 kbit.

But, when you read the code of open-zwave, they display all the time 40kb even if you are in zwave+ (

So, does my zwave+ modules work in 100 kbit ? or the thoughput move down to 40 kbit to still compatible with the old Wzave module ?




The sending node will know the speed capabilities from the assigned return routes, and communicate to the destination depending on it’s own and the destinations capabilities.

Z-wave plus is not tied to specific hardware, so it is possible to implement a Z-wave plus device on a 300 series module, so there may be Z-wave plus devices without 100kbps capability.

The speed is always adaptive, and the link speed may be lowered by the protocol if a stable link is not available at 100 or 40 kbps.

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