Simulators/Mocking libraries



Are there any ZWave simulators and/or mocking libraries where I can inject service quality and topology variation? Testing with real hardware is incredibly expensive and error prone, and it would be great to at least build s/w definable regression tests.



Not that I’m aware of. If we stick to what is covered by “Z-Wave Public”, which is zipgateway and Z/IP, something like this could be “simulated” by a test application that pretends to be a zipgateway (albeit a very limited one) and:

  1. Intercepts Z/IP Packets with Command Class payloads intended for a destination node, and replies with the desired service quality and topology variations for that node in the Installation and Maintenance Header Extension of an ACK message.
  2. Provides Power Level Command Class REPORTs with the desired service quality and topology in response to receiving Z/IP Packets with a Power Level Command Class GET payload.
  3. Keeps track of the information provided in the two previous cases, and makes it available over the Network Management Installation and Maintenance Command Class.

It shouldn’t be too complicated to get a simple version of this working, and I’m sure many others in the community would appreciate having such a tool. Just putting it out there in case anyone is looking for an interesting OSS project to code over the summer :wink: I’m sure there’s more of us who’d be happy to contribute to it as well.


Thanks hanskroner

If/when I get this into a properly scoped piece of work, I’ll reach out.