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Same Home ID on several ZIProuters


Dear all

Does anyone know how to reach a setup where several ZIProuter share a common HomeID in order to enable Z-Wave devices, of the same z-wave pan, to hook to whichever of them

Use case is to have a radio network coverage on a per room basis where device can be freely moved from a room to another, without the use of z-wave mesh (and intermediate powered node relay).
Where moving from a room to another makes the Z-Wave device hook to the local ZIP bridge Access Point of the new room while staying in the same Z-Wave network
The ZIProuters are bind to the same ZWare portal where registered users would interact with their Z-Wave devices no matter to which ZIProuter they are connected to.

From the Silabs stack, I see that the HomeID is by default auto generated by the ZIProuter.
How to define it in a configuration file ?
I searched the full documentation, both public and Silabs registered one, without any success.




multiple zwave controllers can share the same homeid, they must however have unique nodeid’s each. To do this, place the primary controller into add mode and place the new controller into join mode. The new controller will be added with the next availabel nodeid. At this point you can controller other nodes from each controller.


Thank you Ben

The scenario you present requires to have each nodes to see each other radio signal to be coupled

How can we realise the same method when radios doesn’t not reach each other*, but rather using the underlying IP backbone network and the Z/IP protocol
Is there a way to configure this thru the Silabs Z-Ware service (portal or local mode) ?
Either thru the actual (2.81) software release of thru an extension of the underlying source code

*this is the use case we target in our project (to offer an complement to ZWave nodes RF meshing or alternative when meshing physical path is not possible)