Reference Z/IP Client doesn't send command request


Hi all,

I am using this reference guide to start working.

I successfully added a node. On the console I see the following message

But when I type

I see on the Zwave Sniffer that no zwave frame is being sent.

This is the list of devices discovered:

(ZIP) list
List of discovered Z/IP services:
---   zwC9921CDD03.local: "Switch Multilevel [c9921cdd0301]"
---   zwC9921CDD03.local: "Switch Multilevel [c9921cdd0300]"
---   zwC9921CDD01.local: "Static Controller [c9921cdd0100]"

I tried on both but without success.

Can not send command using reference_client and Raspbery py

Hi rikotech,

Would it be possible to post or attach the gateway log here? Then we will have a better understanding what the gateway’s behaviour is when the client send command.



Hi thanks for reply. Where can I find the gateway log file? I searched into the zipgateway directory but couldn’t find logfile.

Although I can provide you with some pictures:


And this:


Hi rikotech,

If it’s running as a daemon, the default log path is /tmp/zipgateway.log

If you are running the zipgateway manually, you can just pipe it into a file.

I still cannot tell much from the above information so it would be better to have the log.