Reference_client issue ( *list* command empty result)



I’m working with libzwaveip (master branch), currently I testing the ‘reference_client.c’ example running on the 2017-03-09-zware-raspbian.img.xz image (raspberry pi 3 with Z-Wave Bridge Controller ACC-UZB2-U-BRG attached)

I have not had success on the list of nodes, delete and add nodes seems to work fine.

Adding node

The list command always appears empty…

How to the reference_client.c can be used correctly?

Is the libzwaveip project mature enough?


Andres Calderon


The reference_client sample application will list mDNS services of type _z-wave._udp when using the list command.

What’s the output of:

$ avahi-browse _z-wave._udp

on your Raspberry Pi?

If that command succeeds in listing the Z-Wave IP services, you should check and make sure that reference_client was built with mDNS support. The output of:

$ ldd reference_client

(in the directory where the reference_client executable is) should contain both:




Work like a charm.

(ZIP) list
List of discovered Z/IP services:
— zwE5EF54F601.local: “Static Controller [f654efe50100]”
— zwE5EF54F60A.local: “Switch Multilevel [f654efe50a00]”


– a