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Reduce zipgateway dtls timeout is okay?


Is there any problem if I modify DTLS_TIMEOUT 60s -> 10s ?
this is related with my question "What does this message “Warning: received non client hello msg” mean?"
I find the reproduction path.

  1. add one device (like door-window sensor)
  2. close or open window sensor. it will send notification report. This make new session with zware <-> zipgw.
  3. restart zware library. It will re-connect to zipgw. but the previously created session will be preserved. (this must be done until 60s)
  4. close or open window sensor. but session is already created, so zipgw does not create new session. and zware lib send Warning: received non client hello msg message.
  5. Wait until DTLS_TIMEOUT occurs… after that, zipgw create new session and it will be okay.

So I think that if the DTLS_TIMEOUT is shorter than 60s, this case will be okay.
I set DTLS_TIMEOUT 10 and test it, then the above case didn’t occurred.
But I am afraid another side effect will occur.
So Is it okay to reduce the DTLS_TIMEOUT ?

ps. Now I test with TIMEOUT 10s but adding process does not work well. so I think this is not proper way.



Changing the DTLS_TIMEOUT is not possible on the solution provided here on Public Z-Wave. So I assume you have a DevKit, and in this case you should use the support ticket system for DevKit holders.

However I would not recommend that you change the DTLS_TIMEOUT. The Zipgateway is tested with this value, and changing it may lead to unforeseen problems.

Also I dont see the real problem. Why would the Zipgateway client (Z-Ware) need to close and re-open within 60 sec?