If I understand the spec correctly, a device MUST respond to the ASSOCIATION_GROUP_INFO_GET command, unless it’s broadcast. I assume that this is required for all supported association groups, but I get no response from a Fibaro FGD212, application version 3.2 as seen in the log below -:

From my reading of the standard, this is non compliant? Should a device response to the ASSOCIATION_GROUP_INFO_GET for all groups, including lifeline? Is there any way to know that this is not supported (other than the device not responding!).



Hi Chris,

If a node support a command class, it must answer a get.

In your trace, I’m a bit confused by the changing on node IDs, first node 91 is queried for the group name, and then node 92 is queried for the group info? I suppose node 92 is the Fibaro device?



The 91 and 92 are not the node IDs, this is the callback ID. Sorry - this is a bit confusing but all these commands are to the same device (the node is actually printed to the left of this in the viewer, but I didn’t paste it in - I should have been clearer - sorry).

The full log view is below (without the data bytes expanded this time) - the node is 33 in this case -:

I guess the bottom line then is this is non-compliant behaviour… (?).



I agree, it seems the fibaro device is non-compliant.

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