New Z-wave device / temperature sensor association


Hello everyone,

I’m new at z-wave and i’ve been studying it for the last couple of weeks. Still, there is a particular case scenario that i would like to discuss and find out if it is possible or not.

Imagine that i have a new z-wave device (controlling a stepper motor) placed on a window to open/close it and is able to work on its own, but can also be controlled manually through z-wave controllers. This device need to get information from a z-wave temperature sensor placed in the middle of the room (for the value to be more accurate) since it depends on that value to “decide” if it must open or close the window.

My questions are:

  1. Is it possible to associate this new device, as a slave, to the sensor and access the temperature value directly in order to use it? If so, do i need a static gateway?

I don’t want to create any rules on a gateway. The rules and the all the logic are on the new z-wave device placed at the window. I just need the temperature value from the external z-wave temperature sensor for it to work autonomously.

  1. What type of Device class should be this device?

Best regards,