Making a "Glorified SerialAPI" Z/IP Client


I tried out the “Instant Success” Guide. Got both the reference_client (easy) and reference_listener (hard) working after some time reading threads on this forum. But today I realized that I was probably listening on the wrong address/port (ZipUnsolicitedDestinationIp6) since nothing worked when I turned off ZWare. Trying some more I can now use the reference_client when hooking it up on the address specified in zipgateway.cfg: ZipLanIp6 and port 41230. Is this the correct way of doing it? (I can control z-wave devices)

But I can’t get the reference_listener working at all (not even when I have ZWare running).

I want to write a Z/IP client and am currently stuck since there are too many knobs to turn and I can’t see any patterns…

Some questions:
If you want to listen to all z-wave traffic as you did with traditional controllers how do you do that?
More specifically: what address/port should I listen to?
What protocol do I use (UDP I guess) but is it encrypted and if so how (there is both a psk and certs specified in the cfg but I can’t find any docs on how)?
Can you run without DTLS to the controller (to remove the encryption variable)?

Any help appreciated
Olle Sundblad


After more reading and testing. I got the reference_client “working” again by adding a few CommandClasses to ExtraClasses in zipgateway.cfg and listening to ZipUnsolicitedDestinationIp6 and ZipUnsolicitedDestinationPort. So it probably worked all along but didn’t print anything as it never got a matching command class.

Is this they way you are supposed to integrate with the gateway? Feels a bit strange that I have to add more or less all the command classes to interact with the z-wave devices.


The reason I want to communicate with the Z/IP gateway is that we are supposed to license a Z/IP controller box and the information I got was that Zware portal was just an example application that communicate with the gateway, ie it is not complete, but maybe I am wrong?

Another question: the company I am trying to do this for is a Z-wave member can I/we get more support through another channel?

PS I would really love a REST interface since I am now back to not even getting the reference_client working.