Z-Wave the public standard

Mains power clamps


For smart metering (ZigBee) there are a number of power clamps (induction loops fitting round the mains input to premises that emit periodic energy consumption measurements). These vary in resolution between a few seconds and a few microseconds. At the highest end of resolution, it’s possible to identify makes and models of household appliances; spot breaking devices, etc.

Are there any comparable ZWave products, ideally battery powered. I’ve spotted some older ones, but they seem to be discontinued.

I’d like to be able to at least identify individual appliances going on and off (eg TV, fridge, kettle, cooker, dvd player). I’d guess that the only measurement that I’d get would be power, integrated or averaged over a few seconds.




You can search for products on the Z-Wave Alliance website:

Pick the energy meter category and you can also adjust your expected region. The product needs to support the Meter Command Class.


Thanks, nobriot. Useful resource.

Sadly, even though the sampling rate is much lower than the Zigbee devices, all 6 products require wiring into the mains :frowning: