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Firstly, I’m not so familiar with Z-Wave and trying to do my first steps. To start I would like to write a little program on Java which will do a set of quite simple operations: list nodes, add node, remove node, basic get and set. Thus I would like to have something like reference_client but on Java.

When I use reference_client utility I can get the list of nodes by using list directive. Which command class should I use to implement this functionality in Z/IP?

Thank you

Errors in zipgateway.log

Alexander, I am sure there are many ways to do this, but one way I have found useful and reliable is using the NetworkManagementProxy command class’s NODE_LIST_GET command. I hope that helps!


Hello Alexander,
If you have written the code on Java , can you please provide me, sothat I get some overview how to go further. I am also trying to program some simple operations of Z-Wave(eg: listing nodes, collecting the Battery/Temperature Report…etc) in LabVIEW. Thank You
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