Z-Wave the public standard

LifeLine and Notification Events


Just trying to understand some history here.
In section 3.11 of the ZW+ Role Type Specification document, it says that “All events which are mandated by a Device Type MUST be reported via the Lifeline association” but there are several ZW+ devices on the market that by default are instead sending Hails to the LL Association Group

I see Hail is (now?) a depreciated CC. Was the specs different at some point of time, or this is something that vendors have done on their own?

2nd question here is that with devices with multiple endpoints, should the LL events be a sum of all CC’s on each end point, or is there some other rule there? (eg, endpoint 1 being a Binary Sensor and endpoint 2 being a Multilevel Sensor, so both send their reports to the LL?)


Regarding your 2nd question :
The Root Device of a Multi Channel device will send its mandatory Lifeline commands (for example Device Reset Locally Notification is a “Root Device mandatory command” should not be supported by any End Point) and will send additionally End Point mandatory Lifeline commands. The Root Device should send all implemented End Points Lifeline commands (if any), as long as there is no overlap (no identical command is generated by 2 different End Points, without the possibility to identify the source End Point).

If a Multi Channel Device implement 2 identical sensors (e.g. 2 temperature sensors), the Root Device have to send the temperature reading of one End Point only via its lifeline.
If a Multi Channel Device implements 1 binary sensor and 1 multilevel sensor, then the root device should send all sensor reports via the Root Device Lifeline.

Multi Channel Association, version 3 allows the Root Device Lifeline to send all its implemented End Points Lifeline commands, even if there are identical commands sent by different End Points, by using Multi Channel Encapsulation to identify the source End Point that triggered the command.
This is done by associating Root Device Lifeline to a node’s End Point 0 (i.e. a Multi Channel Association).