Z-Wave the public standard

Is Aeotec Z-Stick Gen 5 compatible with Z-Ware or Z/IP on RaspberryPi?


I downloaded and installed RaspberryPi image (2017-03-09-zware-raspbian.img.xz) on my RaspberryPi 3.

I have two issues:

  • “Instant success” instructions on the z-wavepublic.com website seems to be out-of-sync with this version.

  • I have seen some forum discussions about required bridge-mode to get the gateway working and now I am afraid that the gateway does not work with Z-Stick at all

Would somebody be able to confirm what is the case with Z-Stick and Z-Ware?


That’s correct, zipgateway requires Z-Wave hardware using a “bridge” library. Aeotec’s Z-Sticks are not using the “bridge” and don’t work with zipgateway.

I got a UZB from DigiKey (https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/sigma-designs-inc/ACC-UZB3-E-BRG/703-1130-ND/6111634). Either UZB2 or UZB3 will work, just make sure it ends in -BRG, which is the “bridge” library. The link is for a EU frequency product. If you’re in the US you’ll need a UZBx-U-BRG.