Immage file damege


Hi all

i was following the guide on the site as an introduction to Z-Wave Over IP, but when i download the SD Card image for the Raspberry Pi, the file was corrupt.

I try several times but always corrupt.

sameone can give me the right file?

Thank you


From Linux Machine,

Use wget with -c option (resume getting a partially-downloaded file) to download.

$ wget -c

You may test the file before uncompress the XZ archive.

$ xz -t 2017-06-02-zware-raspbian.img.xz
$ xz -d 2017-06-02-zware-raspbian.img.xz

Then use “Etcher” (GUI app) or “dd” or “ddrescue” (Linux CLI app) to flash the SD image “2017-06-02-zware-raspbian.img”

– Frank