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How to remove the IP address allocating in zipgateway?


Hello everyone, I have a question that how to remove the IP address allocating in zipgateway

Raspberry Pi 3
USB dongle Bridge Control: firmware: SDK_v6_81_01, 500 series chip version 0 serial api version 8


Zipgateway has been compiled OK, and work with pyzip well.

28791777 Opening config file /usr/local/etc/zipgateway.cfg
Starting Contiki
Opening eeprom file /usr/local/var/lib/zipgateway/eeprom.dat
Lan device tap0
LAN HW addr 7E:B0:25:46:FB:A9
28791793 Starting zipgateway ver2_81.00_RC8 build ver2_81.00_RC8
28791794 Resetting ZIP Gateway
28791794 Using serial port /dev/ttyUSB0
28791937 500 series chip version 0 serial api version 8
28791957 I’am SUC
28792327 Key class 80
28792347 sec0_set_key
28792387 Key class 1
28792427 Key class 2
28792467 Key class 4
28792487 Network scheme is:28792487 S2 ACCESS
28792507 Resetting IMA
28792507 I’m a primary or inclusion controller.
28792527 Command classes updated

Including and controlling z-wave devices is allready OK.

For every z-wave device zipgateway allocates a IPV4 address and a IPV6 addres, Pyzip controls the z-wave device with it’s IPV4 address.

I don’t like this.

I would like the zipgateway has only one IPV4 address, also it doesn’t allocate any IP address for ervery included z-wave device.

The zipgateway connects the MQTT server use the unique IPV4 address, and send/recive message to/from the MQTT server, of course every message contains a node ID of the target device.
So, there are 2 big task to be done:
1, In zipgateway-2.81.0 source code, build a MQTT client, I can do this no problem, without helping.
2, When a new z-wave device has been included, DONOT allocate a IP address for it.

About the task 2, please give me some suggestion, with the least code modifying.

Thanks a lot.