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How change frequency Bridge Controller UZB EU


Hi all,
I have Bridge Controller UZB EU (ACC-UZB3-E-BRG). How I can change frequency from EU 868,4MHz to Russia 869MHz? If I connect Bridge Controller UZB EU to Raspberry Pi3 my TZ68G https://products.z-wavealliance.org/ProductManual/File?folder=&filename=Manuals/1948/TZ68%20User%20Manual.pdf does not find.
Thank You for Yours help!!!


Is it impossible? I know RaZberry 2 for Raspberry Pi can change frequency by script. Maybe who know about Bridge Controller UZB EU (ACC-UZB3-E-BRG)? Thank you if you can help.


It is unfortunately not possible to change the frequency of the UZB.