For setLearnMode with ZIP, how can I test it?


I’m controller developer.
I know “setLearnMode” function is required to get Z-Wave certification.
I test this function in zware web ui (setLearnMode is used in zware web ui by the term “initiate”)
and I find that “initiate” succeeds, but then becomes a mess.

My test environment is as follows. (controller 1 & controller 2 is uzb stick)

  1. controller 1 is static controller (firmware 6.71.01)

  2. controller 2 is bridge controller(firmware 6.71.01) <- this is Z/IP

  3. controller 1 use PC controller and with PC controller app, select “Add” button.

  4. controller 2 use zware web ui and select “initiate” button.

  5. two controller send and receive related S2 commands, and it seems that inclusion is completed.

  6. but with controller 2, when I select “add Node” button, the operation failed.

Is it correct way to test “setLearnMode”?


If you had tried the same scenario with Z-Ware App (Web UI), you would have noticed that the Z-Ware App’s Add Node button/option disappears right after the learn mode completes successfully.
The PC controller, over the static controller UZB , is a primary controller and Z-Ware becomes a secondary controller when included. A secondary controller cannot perform add node.


But in PC controller, there is “Set as SIS” function, so if I set SIS to secondary controller(controller 2), I think controller 2 can add node.
and when I do “Set as SIS” function, I can see that “Add Node button/option” appears again.
But When I perform “Add New Device” in Z-Ware App,
Only the popup that is performing the Adding is opened but adding frame does not appears in zniffer.


you may need to wait for up to 30s before trying add node. in the engineering UI, you will see a progress indicator to when add node is ready to be used. this is unfortunately missing for the tab/phone ui.