Z-Wave the public standard

Firmware issues with UZB devices


There seems to be a conflicting message coming from Sigma regarding the openness and availablilty of this new Z/IP gateway strategy.

My understanding from reading the website was that they were encouraging developers to grab the Raspberry Pi image, purchase a UZB stick and we could develop using the open sourced client and integrate Z/IP gateways into our software. I took great care to note that the need to purchase the developer SDK was not required to do this.

However, it seems that the three variations of the UZB sticks are pre flashed with firmware for a specific region. In my case, the Japanese region, although I’m in Australia. Digikey confirmed for me that it does need to be flashed with Australian firmware – however the firmware and flash tool are only available to those who purchase the Developer SDK.

Personally I think this is an aspect that has been overlooked and needs a better solution than shipping the key back any time it needs to be flashed.

If the goal of Sigma was to widen the market for home automation software that support Z-wave, then this is a real blocker for people who live outside of the default regions.