Z-Wave the public standard

DTLS and Security


Hi all, and thank you for the great work on this forum: i’ve found a lot of interesting stuff here.
I have noticed that PyZip (and other client implementations) offers a flag to disable DTLS security when connecting to a Z/IP gw. In my scenario it would be great if I could disable completely DTLS cause my client runs on the same Z/IP gw hardware (no connections externally).
I’ve read that maybe exists an issue that impact on security mechanism, but I want to disable it (like I can do in PC Controller with a “normal” serial API controller) cause is useless in my scenario and cause only a packet overhead in HAN network.
So, in simple terms, how can i accomplish this and disable completely dtls and security?
Thank you all for the feedback.


We were in the same situation as you, ZIPGateway and client on same hardware and wanted nothing to leave that box.

Last year I got the answer that it is not possible but maybe it has changed?