Z-Wave the public standard

Device identification



I’m sure that this is a common question, but I cannot find an answer in the ZWave specifications or in Google.

Is it possible to uniquely identify devices with some sort of serial number or mac address?

I’m not clear whether Z/IP is intended to conform with IEEE 802.15.4 - I expect not as it supports IPv4 - but even if it does, the standard does not use Ethernet frames at the PHY layer, so there may not be any mac address equivalent.

My usecase is a support situation where one of many thousands of devices on hundreds of ZWave networks is playing up, and I want to see from a support centre which ZWave network it’s part of now, which specific device it is and where else it has been in its lifetime from the logs.

Even if there’s only an optional command class, that would help to filter out useful devices.




Some manufacturers might choose to make a serial number, or other identifying information through the Manufacturer Specific Command Class. This is not mandatory, and is not something manufacturers usually do.

If you need to identify a device on a network, you should use the combination of its HomeID and NodeID. This will identify a device as long as it remains part of a network. If the device is excluded, or joins another network, it will likely receive a different NodeID, as well as a different HomeID.



As stated by Hans, some manufactures might choose to add a serial number, which you can read through the Manufacturer Specific CC. But normally it is not possible to uniquely identify a specific product in Z-Wave. It is only possible to identify a product type based on the Manufacturer Specific CC and Version CC.



Thanks. That’s what I suspected. It’s the type of functionality that’s not really necessary at small scale, but which becomes important for running larger systems/organisations.

I can manage the sourcing based on having this capability, although it’s clearly a possible differentiator for alternative ‘last hop’ technologies.