Z-Wave the public standard

Communication between Z-Wave Devices and Z/ipgateway


How can I connect Z-wave devices with terminal or How can i get IP Adresses of the Z- Wave devices in z/ipgateway to work with them?


For communicating with Z-Wave devices, you would need Z/IP client, such as libzwaveip and Z-Ware, to instruct the Z/IP gateway. libzwaveip(https://github.com/Z-WavePublic/libzwaveip) is one terminal option and there you’ll also get IP address of Z-Wave nodes.


Thank you @anta.huang . To explain you my problem:

Z/IP Gateway is know successfully in RUNNING modus, but i dont know how to continue.

I only know that i have to use the IP adresses of the Z-wave devices in my terminal but

  1. How can i find out the IP adresses of Z-Wave devices and the Z/IP Gateway itself?
  2. Which kind of commands do i need to work with in my terminal?
  3. when the communication of Z/ip Gateway und my Z-wave devices is successful, how can i exchange Information between them?
    thank you very much for your help in advance.


That’s exactly what Z/IP client is for, e.g. getting IP of gateway and its network, communicate with Z-Wave nodes, and exchange information.

Please go ahead to try libzwaveip which comes with reference client and reference listener for such purpose.


Thank you so much for your effort @anta.huang but I am not getting the point about the Libzwaveip and their reference client and reference listener.How can I go another step from here?? to do the things which I have mentioned above ??


The first step I would suggest is to try building libzwaveip and please refer to the libzwaveip README about how to build it.

Then simply run it without any arguments and you’ll get a simple idea of what you can do as shown in the screenshot below.


Hi @anta.huang , thanks for your reply. I have tried the upper instruction of yours. According to README, I think that I have written everyting in the right order but unfortunately I did not get any suggestion after “./reference_client”.

You can see my result in the screenshot below. Thank you very much for your help in advance.


I would suggest you to run the command one line by one line because most of them are interactive which expects inputs from user.

Basically these commands are installing the dependencies, downloading the source code, and building them. It’ll also be easier to observe the steps if you pass them one by one.


Hello @anta.huang ,
Thank you for your help.

I want to send the Commands from Terminal to the Z-Wave Devices so that I can Write code in LabVIEW to control the Smart Home Devices(Z_WAVE Devices).
I need a Documenation of PyZ/IP and Users Guide for PyZ/IP.
My last stand in ubuntu and terminal is shown below in the snaphot.

Z_IP_3.PNG1534x657 134 KB

Thank You

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Hi @anta.huang, I got libzwaveip installed and working. I can use reference_client to control the devices. I want to use the hexsend to control the device via ip. However I don’t know how to retrieve the ip address of the device. I assume the reference_listener is used for that. I can’t get it to work. No matter what I do nothing show up when I run the listener command. Can you show me how to use the listener command?