Z-Wave the public standard

Client programming with TCP/IP


I want to programm the client to control the Z-Wave devices automatically(through client Programm)
As written in the pdf : https://www.silabs.com/documents/login/miscellaneous/SDS13784-Z-Wave-Network-Protocol-Command-Class-Specification.pdf ( to be specific: page 141 of 191 {4.9.3 Z/IP Packet Command } )

  1. I have sent the Z/IP packet command as UDP packet to the port 4123 over Z/IP Gateway. I set the ack request bit to 1 inorder to receive response, for testing purposes I didnot add any optional headers. From my understanding the Z/IPGW should send an Ack to my packet command. Is that correct?
    Is that the correct way to communicate with the Gateway? I except to receive the Ack but I didn’t.
  2. Does ZIP Gateway supports the non encrypted data communication over UDP? Any help would be appreciated. Thank You
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Sorry for the late to answer:
I tried to do the same thing last spring but only succeeded sending to the ZIPGateway with encryption. Note that a listen client can use unencrypted communication even though the send is encrypted.

Maybe this has been solved in newer versions of the ZIPGateway?

PS This was a hassle in Java since OpenSSL does not follow the DTLS spec completely: it does not resend messages that initiate a HELLO exchange and BouncyCastle have an issue to keep the message during HELLO exchange, but the issue is low prio since the DTLS spec says it should be resent

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