Call reference_client from python


I’ve downloaded the Raspbian disk image and I have a ZWave outlet switch working using the reference_client and the send “…” command. So, now how do I call libZWave from a python script? I really need to turn the switch on and off from python…




For building you own application you can access Z-Wave on two levels: ZIP Gateway or Z-Ware CE Web. I suggest you read the documents for ZIP Gateway and Z-Ware CE Web on this page:

The LibZWave application is build on top of the ZIP Gateway interface. But if you are okay with working with Web-sockets you may consider using the Z-Ware CE Web interface.

You may access the Z-Ware CE Web UI through https://raspberrypi.local. The user name is Sigma and password is sigmadesigns.

I hope this helps,