Build for Raspberry Pi WITHOUT disk image


Hello, I’m working on an entry into a ZWave contest using the Raspberry Pi to control a outlet switch with the ZWave UZB USB stick. All the developer documentation says to start over and image a memory card. However, I already have my Raspberry Pi up and running with Linux and have several other libraries already installed. How do I get the libZWaveIP libraries installed WITHOUT using the disk image. I really don’t want to start over,…




Unfortunately linZWaveIP is only available through the disk image unless you have a DevKit. So you will need to start from the disk image.



Hmmm. OK Thanks. I’ve installed the disk image and raspbian is booting to the command-line. However, something with the Z/IP is not working.

First, I have to use sudo to even get it to start (otherwise I get an Access Denied error.

Running from sudo /etc/init.d/zipgateway start and then tail -F /tmp/zipgateway.log and I see a bunch of lines like this:
906331 update flag 1 129
910331 DHCP Timeout
910331 Sending DISCOVER
910332 DHCP pass completed
910332 update flag 1 129
918332 DHCP Timeout
918332 Sending DISCOVER
918333 DHCP pass completed
918333 update flag 1 129
934334 DHCP Timeout
934335 Sending DISCOVER
934335 DHCP pass completed
934335 update flag 1 129
936335 DHCP Timeout
936336 Sending DISCOVER
936336 DHCP pass completed
936336 update flag 1 129

What am I missing?


And, of course, it’s now working. (After re-burning the disk image and fighting with raspbian to get the wireless lan working again) I can use the [ZIP] command line to turn on and off my ZWave switch!!! Now, how do I turn the switch on and off from python?