Bridge Controller UZB


If you don’t accept the license/want to join the developer program just back button at the form. You don’t need to accept or decline.

When you go to checkout later you can just buy the device. It’s a pushy sales tactic, but nothing more.

You would think that Sigma would want to attempt to gain a wider market, but they seem to be tripping over themselves in the process.


@brianaker That does not work here with :frowning_face:
I only have two choices:

  • Accept the licence
  • Decline the licence and the items in the cart (UZB + ZIPR Gateway) will be removed from the order

There is no possibility to continue the process without checking one of these radio buttons. If I exit the process and click again on check out I will be at the very same page… I need to find the time during working hours to call them.


Hi @brianaker, all products manufactured by Sigma Designs for sale @ DigiKey and other distributors are development tools (hence the “hassel” to order these products). But these products were never meant to be sold to end consumers. Sigma Designs wants our customers like Aeon Labs,, Vision to manufacture and sell these kind of products to end consumers. If you browse different web shops like (still only for US products but EU will follow) or you will be able to find commercial available USBs but these will all be “Static Controller”, and as you guys know you need a “Bridge Controller” for the Z/IP Gateway. Therefore getting UZBs from DigiKey is hopefully just a short term temporary solution until Z-Wave USB Bridge Controllers become more available

Hi @AndreasH, both UZB2 and UZB3 are based on the latest 500-serie Z-Wave chip. Between UZB2 and UZB3 one of the RF components have been changed due to availability but to keep track of this the UZB number has been updated. There is absolutely no difference in functionality nor performance between the UZB2 and UZB3. The DigiKey system announce the UZB2 as “obsolete” because they cannot order these anymore. Why you cannot order the products although the web shows >100 on stock I cannot comment on, for this I recommend you contact DigiKey directly

Best regards,
Sigma Designs


If you don’t mean for the public to use z-wave bridges then why are you flashing their existence to 10’s of thousands of people daily on IFTTT?

Maybe you should rethink what you are advertising? Making Z-Wave a public specification was invite for a larger audience.

The current image of bridge controller will have its port shutdown on any modern switch (lookup what bpdu guard is if you are curious why this is happening). Working with the public has the advantage of having these sorts of problems be brought up at an earlier point in the development cycle.

You will need a much larger audience to hammer out the issues around creating a bridging device. The MDNS traffic will hammer a WIFI network to pieces. Some router manufactures just block multicast by default for this reason.


Hi, this may have been a bad move on my part, but the Digikey site states:

x=Frequency callout for North/South America (U), EMEA (E) and Hong Kong/Australia/New Zealand (H)

Therefore I purchased the ACC-UZB-H-BRG expecting it to function with my Australian components. This doesn’t appear to be the case as I am unable to join any of my existing components. Australia uses 921.42MHz. Do I have an option for a bridge controller? I’m rather keen to make my application work with Z/IP but, being in Australia, I need to test on this frequency.