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Bridge Controller UZB


actually the documentation speaks about “Bridge Controller UZB”, there are however two parts on digikey:

  • ACC-UZB3-E-BRG (no stock)
  • ACC-UZB2-E-BRG (EOL already, only 5 pcs or so in stock)

first question is, which of them is supported?

second question, can be the ACC-UZB2-E updated to “bridge” functionality?

third question, why any other Z-Wave serial API controller can not be used with Z/IP / ZWare ? (i assume due to bridge functionality ?)

The role of Z/IP gateways


Regarding your questions:

  1. Both are supported and have the same performance, while there is a slight difference in components.
  2. While it is technically possible to update the static controller UZBs, however the firmware images and tools are not publicly available.
  3. Z/IP Gateway, the core software component relies on the bridge functionality for session handling and IP associations.

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out of curiosity, what has been changed, the zwave soc or other (less important) components?


The onboard SAW filter has been replaced to match our latest recommendation for hardware designers.The Z-wave SoC is unchanged; the SD3503.

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thanks for the answer. The SAW filter is for sure important, but for now i did ordered the older UZB to get started.


Any chance you can share the part numbers/codes for the different frequencies?


Id’ like to emphasize, that while the SAW filters has been changed,it does not impact the RF performance in any way.


The available parts are:
ACC-UZBx-E-BRG for European frequency
ACC-UZBx-H-BRG for Japanese frequency
ACC-UZBx-U-BRG for US frequency

where x can be 2 or 3 depending on the hardware generation.



All complete list of all the counties where Z-Wave has been approved can be found at

Z-Wave frequency list

The currently available UZB sticks are programmed with FW supporting the following regulatory standards
ACC-UZBx-E-BRG for European frequency - ETSI EN 300 220
ACC-UZBx-H-BRG for Japanese frequency - ARIB STD-T108
ACC-UZBx-U-BRG for US frequency - FCC CFR47 Part 15.249

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If I try to purchase the ACC-UZB3-E-BRG from a reseller you mentioned here on the forums, they want me to agree to a license agreement with a fee of $2000. Is this really a requirement to use the bridge?

1.Fees: [this Section does NOT apply if the license to the DK is purchased from a Distributor]:
Developer’s Kit
USD $2,000.00


Just buy one off of Digikey, the USB controller is $25.


If I try to buy one (ACC-UZB3-E-BRG) here in Germany from Digikey.de, the last step of the ordering processes is presenting me a “Z-Wave Development Kit License Agreement” where a fee of $2000, just like mbhoek.

I am not native english and this is a legal document, so it is not that easy for me to understand everything in there…
I don’t want to purchase a dev-kit license, I only want to play with the zipgateway…

If I don’t accept this license, the ZWave-Dongle is removed from my shopping cart…
I don’t want to end up paying $2000 just to play a litte with the zipgateway…

Did someone actually buy these things from digikey and accepted the license and can tell if something happened afterwards?


Hi AndreasH (and others),
It will not be possible to finalise any online orders from Digi-Key buying Z-Wave products without agreeing to the developers kit agreement. You will of cause not have to pay $2.000, but if you want to avoid signing any contract you must phone your order to Digi-Key. This will be possible for the UZBs only


Thanks, I will try it by phone then ,-)


Gutted to find out that the ACC-UZB3-E-BRG has sold out today on Digi-Key (apparently) with no ETA from the manufacturer.

Don’t suppose anyone else is aware of a supplier with stock (ideally in, or shipping to, the UK)?

EDIT: Just saw this thread which mentions that UZB2 is basically identical and should work with the zipgateway on RPi, going to give that a shot…



I am also waiting for the ACC-UZB3-E-BRG to be available again. A few days ago there was one in stock, but before I could order it was sold out again…
UZB2 is discontinued, DigiKey still has several (>100) of them in stock, but there system (german website at digikey.de) reports at the same time that the device is no longer available at digikey…

It seems that both, the UZB2 and UZB3 are still based on the “old” 300 chipset and that the only difference is the filter and I guess a new firmware version.
I would like to get a feedback from you about the UZB2 (if you got one), I might then also order a UZB2 instead.


Hi @AndreasH, quick feedback on the UZB2 which arrived surprisingly quickly from DigiKey US!

Haven’t had chance to fully test but I can confirm that the zipgateway (running on my RPi 2) now starts correctly and no longer complains about lack of bridge support. So it’s looking good so far… now I just need to figure out why I get bumped back to the login page after I successfully authenticate to the built in Z-Wave portal…


Hi @ZFuzz, thanks for the information. Sounds good, Digikey here in Germany still only has the UZB2 in stock and no data for a re-stock of the UZB3, so I most likely will order a UZB2. But I need to find some time during office hours to call them, otherwise I have to “accept” the NDA which I can’t…


I’m not sure if you have the same option on your site but they simply displayed 2 x NDAs to me during check out… that said I’ve signed nothing and the order let me progress without doing so.


Hi @ZFuzz, I have to click something like “accept NDA”. They say that I don’t need to pay, but I don’t want to “accept” the NDA. I am working on an open source project and can’t accept anything like that. But another user reported that if you place the order via phone you can explain them that this is not a development kit and that you will not accept the NDA and they will still send it.