Z-Wave the public standard

Beaglebone Port to connect with Programming Language


I am trying to programm PyZ/IP in LabVIEW.For that I have followed all the instructions from: [ https://www.silabs.com/support/getting-started/mesh-networking/z-wave/controller-kit ]
to run the Z/IP Gateway running on Beaglebone. I have written the sample test programm to check the communication between the Client and Gateway. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the right Port of Beaglebone to communicate with programm. Can anyone help me out finding the Port of Beaglebone to communicate with the programm??.
Is there any other method to call the Python code of PyZ/IP in LabVIEW?, sothat I need not to write again the same code in LabVIEW. Any Help is highly appreciatet.Thank You
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