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An157 is not working


Hi all,
I have an AN157 plug of everspring. I have added it my controller but today when I have pushed its on/off button manually it sent me node info and it has not worked after that. When I pushed its button it didn’t do anything.(its button is not working and it doesn’t send me any node info message. Its button light is not working).
Do you have any idea about this problem?

Unplug and plug fixed the problem.

EDIT : I read a text from AN157 doc like “When putting Motion Detector or Door/Window Detector in use, do not
connect the load belongs to motor or electronic transformers, as the load
would be impaired.”. Can it be the main reason of my problem ?



This is an old device and I expect what you see is a software problem in the device. Did you try and contact everspring about this?

Meantime I would suggest to only buy Z-Wave+ devices. These are products that are compliant with a more strict specification which guarantees a better out of the box experience. You can search for Z-Wave+ device on the Z-Wave Alliance Website by using the Advanced Search option: https://products.z-wavealliance.org/Search/AdvancedSearch?regionId=-1. Just select the Z-Wave Plus box, to only get Z-Wave plus devices.



Hi carsten,

First of all ty for your reply. I didn’t contact with everspring about the problem. I think I should ask the problem on this platform. Maybe it is a common problem for AN157 and anyone can say me a solution or an idea.