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AN157 Association Problem


Hi all,

First of all I’m new at Z-Wave :slight_smile: . I bought 2 Z-Wave device from everspring thats names are AN180 and AN157 and I added these devices in my pc controller.

My main problem is that when I trigger AN180 device (with on/off button on the device), the device sends me a singlecast message and it says me that “my switch command class turned on” :). But when I trigger AN157 device, the device sends me only node info.(That contains only command class names).
Node info message is broadcast message. It does not send it privately to me.

I think that is maybe a association problem but I need to know definite reason of this status.

I read the following AN157 spec,

I hope I can find the cause of my problem. Thank you.


The Everspring OnOff AN157 is of an older type and will send a NIF on every push on the button. This is by design.
You may set an association to get a command, but that is probably not what you want.
If you absolutely want reports on node activity, look for Zwave+ devices and set association to your controller on group 1.